Guinea starts Ebola vaccination across Southern region

After last week's Ebola pandemic in Guinea, the government is intensifying efforts to start vaccinations. The southern town of Gouache will be the first place vaccinations will start. 

Guinea to proceed with Ebola vaccinations 

Guinea has begun an inoculation campaign against the dreaded Ebola virus in the southern region of the country. It will start where the first case was seen, in the town of Gouache. The town witnessed several cases last week with some causality. Guinea has seen about four deaths and another five in intensive care after a recurrence of the virus. 

There was an outbreak in 2013 which claimed many lives, but that was quickly conquered with the introduction of vaccines, however, it seems the virus is back as it struck some people during a burial. The vaccination in the NZerekore region occurred on February 14. 

According to WHO, the program will start with the vaccination of all medical officers who will carry out the vaccination process. A medical strategy called 'ring' will be employed where all contact people who have met a patient will be vaccinated. The symptoms of Ebola include fever and consistent bleeding. It can be gotten through body contact fluids and ingestion.

Guinea health infrastructures struggling with health problems 

The reappearance of the virus has jolted the government as the country is already struggling with the COVID-19 cases. The health industry has been overwhelmed in the country with many clinics overcrowded. A major stumbling block however is that many people are indifferent to the virus, therefore the government is employing religious leaders and other popular personalities to help in the campaign. 

The health minister Remy lamah who comes from the region has pleaded with the people to cooperate with them. Guinea is getting all the necessary help from WHO and health agencies and the minister is hopeful that in seven weeks the vaccination process will be completed.

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