• Halifax, NS, Canada
    Halifax, NS, Canada

Commercial Grid-Tied Solar

Solar Global Solutions (SGS) provides Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services for residential, commercial, and utility grid-tied solar photovoltaic (PV) projects.  Every system is engineered specifically to meet the client’s project requirements.  SGS provides detailed site assessments and shading analysis to ensure the maximum return on investment in solar photovoltaics.

Solar systems are typically installed under either a Net-Metering, Feed-in-Tariff (FIT), or Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract. SGS works with the local utility provider to determine what programs and options are available and to coordinate the grid connection for the project. Every project is different, so SGS implements a comprehensive three-phased approach to projects including customer feedback throughout the consultation, design and installation phases.

SGS's grid-tied solar power systems are available with or without battery backup for emergency power and maximum cost savings through time of day rates. Remote monitoring and control is also available for real-time performance assessment of the power produced by the system.



Reduce or zero your annual electricity bill
Sell power to the utility under Net-Metering, FIT or PPA
Take advantage of time-of-day rates with battery backup
Minimize carbon footprint
Power in blackouts with battery backup or generator


Solar panels backed by a 25 year warranty
String-Inverter or micro-inverter design available
Ground-mount, roof-mount, pole top, and ballasted designs
Optional battery backup or generator system

Remote Monitoring and Control

Real-time performance tracking
Automatic outage reporting
Verified energy yield
Remote trouble-shooting and diagnostics