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    Dartmouth, NS, Canada
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    May Pen, Clarendon, Jamaica
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Off-Grid Solar Lighting

As off-grid solar lighting requires no cabling, trenching, or utility hookup, there are significant cost savings and environmental benefits. There are several reasons why clients choose off-grid solar street lighting:

Ease of install

The stand-alone nature of off-grid solar lighting allows for installation in almost any environment. There is no trenching, conduit installation, and no utility permitting or connection required. The cost savings realised in installation often offsets the initial equipment investment for the system.

No electric bills

With off-grid solar lighting, there are no utility electricity bills. The system uses a solar panel and battery as its only source of power. SGS utilizes world-class LED fixtures (provided by LED Roadway Lighting in Amherst, Nova Scotia), that draw significantly less power than conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. For reference, a 72 W LED fixture offers illumination similar to a conventional 150 W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) fixture.

Minimal Maintenance

SGS' off-grid solar lights pair award-winning LED fixtures, durable maintenance-free batteries, and high-performance photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with a 20 year design life and a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charge controller. The controller regulates operation of the lights as desired by the customer and manages charging of the battery to maintain its health, maximizing the system lifespan. Even in extreme Canadian climates, the batteries typically provide 7-10 years of uninterrupted operation. All SGS off-grid street lights are also available with a complete remote monitoring and control system. This allows for system performance tracking and automatic outage reporting.

Environmentally Conscious
Most of the world's electricity is generated using high emission-producing fossil fuels. Selecting off-grid solar lights saves tonnes of CO2 emissions every year.  The LED fixtures used in SGS systems are Dark Sky certified for minimal light pollution and are free of lead and mercury.  SGS off-grid lighting systems use absorbent glass mat (AGM), or GEL or battery banks. SGS batteries are maintenance-free and will never freeze, leak, or require electrolyte top-ups. All batteries are recyclable for minimal lifecycle environmental impact.


Save on installation, no trenching or cabling required
No utility connection or permitting
Reduced carbon footprint
Industry-leading LED fixtures emit no light pollution
High-efficiency LED fixtures maximize battery life


Solar panels with 25 year power production warranty
20 year design life LED fixture and MPPT charge controller
7-10 year battery life
Lumen output from 1,600-15,500 Lm
Standard IES Type II, III, IV, and V distributions
High quality deep cycle VRLA Gel or AGM batteries