• Halifax, NS, Canada
    Halifax, NS, Canada
  • Parrsboro, NS, Canada
    Parrsboro, NS, Canada

Off-Grid Traffic Beacons

SGS offers an off-grid solar powered flashing beacon, designed to provide enhanced road safety and increased driver awareness in areas where grid power is not easily accessible. 

With a robust design and up to 10 days of battery backup, this solution provides the reliability demanded by municipalities and transportation departments for pedestrian and traffic safety infrastructure. Applications include hazard markers, crosswalks, roadway dividers, railway crossings and construction sites.



Installation is quick and non-disruptive to traffic
Reduced carbon footprint
Continuous 24 hour on-off flashing
Enhanced road safety and increased driver awareness


High efficiency solar panels and MPPT charge controller
5-10 W, 8-12" diameter LED beacon
Available with incandescent look in red or amber
Durable deep cycle VRLA Gel or AGM batteries