Egypt and Qatar meets as row ends

After having disagreements for over three years, the gulf nations have finally come to an amicable settlement. This was facilitated by Saudi Arabia UAE and Qatar to end the conundrum. 

Gulf nations meet to end row

Qatar and Egypt have both met recently for the first time in a while after putting behind their differences. This was made possible after nations like Bahrain, UAE, and Saudi began hostilities with Qatari in 2017. 

The angry nations blocked all borders for Quart which includes sea, air, and land after saying Qatar supports terrorist acts. There was a Gulf cooperation summit that was initiated by Saudi Arabia early this year when all countries agreed to move beyond their differences. According to sources present at the meeting

'' All parties agreed that putting pen to paper by signing the Al-Ula accord was the best of the region. This is a step to build between close allies. '' 

On Tuesday, representatives of both Qatar and UAE got together in Kuwait to see the way forward out of this quagmire. According to reporters, both parties discussed collaboration to get the Al-Ula policy working. 

Keeping their differences away will benefit all nations 

They insisted that keeping their gulf connection and making the region better will be beneficial for all. Since all parties have agreed to move forward all blockages have been lifted and Qatar can now travel favorable to the other four states. 

Also, each country is to discuss with Qatar how trade relations will improve. In 2017, Qatar has been accused of being a haven for terrorist elements, an allegation it denied. Qatar said terrorist links to it were from other nations who choose to settle in Qatar but accuses neighbors of crying wolf where there is not.

The Qatar leadership then said that Saudi Arabia has been sponsoring terrorists for a while, while nobody is saying anything. The nation has no moral right to accuse any nation of harboring terrorists.